The 129th Rose Parade wows Pasadena


Every New Year’s Eve, hundreds of campers line Colorado Boulevard to secure prime viewing spots for the Roses Parade. These campers bring luxuries like air mattresses, cook stoves, hammocks and fire pits.

“We camp out to get the best spot,” said Kris Esperanza, from Rancho Cucamonga. “There are a lot of activities to do and everyone, especially the kids, has made a lot of friends,” added Robert Esperanza.

They camped out with friends; Edward Rodriguez and Ridiculous Nicholas, and brought their own fire pit table as well as an RV. Esperanza said this was their fifth year camping out and that they were most looking forward to the flyovers.

Campers enjoyed relatively mild weather and plenty of pre-parade entertainment from portable radios, early morning joggers, cyclists, small bands and vendors walking the parade route.

The 2018 parade theme “Making a Difference” included 44 floats, 21 marching bands and 20 equestrian units. The festivities ran smoothly although the UPS “Books Bring Dreams to Life” float suffered mechanical issues and had to be towed for a portion of the parade route.

As Pasadena cleans up from the parade, thousands of fans will make their way to Rose Bowl Stadium for the semi-final NCAA football game which pits the Georgia Bulldogs against the Oklahoma Sooners.


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