Dodgers fans could soon beat traffic to the stadium by riding through the sky in gondola cable cars from Union Station to Dodger Stadium.

Metro said Monday that an unsolicited bid to build the cableway system from Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies has now reached the second stage of evaluation.

Metro’s unsolicited proposal policy allows private entities to submit ideas to the agency, which are then reviewed within 60 days and could be advanced to a more detailed evaluation. Although gondola lifts are usually seen in ski resorts and other high-altitude environments, cities such as London and Taipei have begun using them for mass transit. According to The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is a fan.

“I am absolutely confident that this will happen,” Garcetti told reporters Thursday. “It’s not actually crazy. It may seem like that because in Los Angeles, we don’t have this. But this exists in over a dozen cities around the world.”

There’s no guarantee that Metro will accept the Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies bid. If the proposal is accepted, it could become the basis for a competitive bidding contest, or another arrangement, depending on Metro’s role and relationship to the project, according to Metro.

Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies, which is funded by former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, submitted the initial bid in April. McCourt sold the team in 2011 but still owns half interest in the 130 acres of parking around the stadium.

According to Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies, the system would move more than 5,000 passengers in each direction over the 1.25-mile distance per hour. Riders would arrive at Dodger Stadium in less than five minutes.

Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies also estimated its project costs to be approximately $125 million, none of which would come from Metro funding. Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies would provide part of the money necessary for construction, while the rest would come from private financers.


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