ARCADIA — Real Chinese food — not the kind you pick up at the take-out window — takes a certain amount of patience. But, at the end of a good multi-course meal, those who hung in for the whole deal will reap the rewards. 

The key is finding a restaurant that remains satisfying from start to finish. One place that does it for sure is New Fusion Restaurant in Arcadia, a Chinese restaurant that blends traditional fare from Hong Kong and Taiwan into tasty dishes that don’t disappoint. 

Take, for example, the Beijing Duck. This is a meal that is often difficult to pull off. The duck needs to be crispy and flavorful, the bao needs to be soft, and the plum sauce needs to be tangy. Miss any one of the keynotes and you’ve failed. Fortunately, New Fusion’s Beijng Duck alone is worth a visit. It hits the mark with aplomb so to speak.  

Another favorite is the lobster. Cooked to perfection and served with a creamy sauce and scallions, New Fusion creates a lobster meal that melts in the mouth, leaving behind a peppery tang and a lasting impression. 

The jasmine tea served here is authentic in its flavor and ability to make the meal more sensual — often times Chinese restaurants skimp on the tea and it becomes a boring mouth wash of no substance or flavor.   

For those who are a fan of new style Chinese Restaurants like Din Tai Fung, there are menu items at New Fusion which are served at DTF, but are pulled off in a more authentic and flavorful way. A good example would be the green beans they are cooked to a shriveled perfection and served with enough oil to make them tasty, but not too much oil to make them greasy. 

Other go to items on the menu include fried rice, curry beef (a speciality of the house), honey walnut shrimp and a spicy fried chicken that rivals anything from western Chicken houses like Popeyes or Louisiana Fried Chicken. If you are a fried chicken fan, you know exactly what I’m talking about here.  

One last — very interesting — thing about New Fusion. The restaurant has become a go-to spot in the Arcadia Chinese community for holiday turkey dinners. This is an important note for those Arcadia residents who want to wrongly believe they’ve lost their community to foreigners who refuse to speak the language or engage in the culture.   

To that one can say, you know a group has assimilated when whole families are ordering turkey and the fixings for the holidays. It’s a fact. 

Further proof? Yvonne Lam, one of the partners in the restaurant, says she expects to roast 200 turkeys this year — up from 100 in 2016. All will go to her loyal customers. 

“This is a growing trend” she said. “We do them in the traditional way.”  

New Fusion is busiest on the weekends and offers a variety of seating options from tables for four to traditional round tables for the family and VIP accommodations for those seeking privacy. The restaurant is located at 1227 South Baldwin Avenue in Arcadia and open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.  

For more information visit, or call (626) 821-0899 


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