Spend a Saturday afternoon among the hip crowd at the Silverlake Flea Market and discover a unique collection of handmade apothecary, vintage clothing, art, antiques and collectibles. The Silverlake Flea Market started twelve years ago and currently attracts over 300 shoppers and 40 to 50 vendors each week. 

“We combined a craft and flea market. We were the first to bridge indie crafters with vintage collectibles,” said Fiora Boes, founder of the Silverlake Flea Market and owner of Ghettogloss gallery.  

The Silverlake Flea Market takes place from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. every Saturday. It is located on the playground of the Micheltorena Street Elementary School, convenient to Sunset Junction and the Silverlake Farmers Market. The entrance is located at 1511 Micheltorena Street, Los Angeles. 

For more information visit https://www.silverlakeshop.com/, call (323) 467-0623 or email info@silverlakeartcraftvintage.com.

  • The Silverlake Flea Market has been open for twelve years.
  • Eagle said “girly goth” and ’90s clothes have been most popular recently.
  • Lehman said their color-coded organization system makes their shop unique.
  • Melissa Lehman and Ali Eagle just returned from selling vintage clothes at Coachella.
  • Alexus Anderson, 20, shops for unique clothes at the flea market.
  • Gabriel Wolde and Nathan Jackson listen to music in their shop while waiting for customers.
  • Altipanic Chich Decor features cotton items imported from Peru
  • Jaidar and Joey Hanson have made the drunken succulents for the past two years.
  • Sydney Jaidar writes a receiptt for a sale at Drunken Succulents.
  • Azura Bey, 29, owner of 9D Vintage, describes his clothing collection as eclectic.
  • Athletic and band t-shirts are bestsellers at many flea market shops.
  • Cole Vannortwik, 20, owner of Vintage Materials, shows off a vintage Adidas Olympic crewneck.
  • Alex Espinoza browses graphics t-shirts.
  • Hannah Howard tries on a vintage necklace.
  • Sunny Allison, 16, works at Detroit Trash, he family’ vintage jewelry company.
  • Hoffman looks for denim jumpers.
  • Samantha Sawyer and Danna Hoffman shop for summer clothes together.
  • Classic denim and printed pants are a popular choice for shoppers.
  • Franz Ferrer, CEO of Espiritu, sells shoes from a mobile boutique at various flea markets across L.A.
  • Richard Halverson, owner of Pickpocket Vintage, sells graphic t-shirts, military and work wear and classic denim.
  • The Silverlake Flea Market has a selection of vintage and thrift clothes for sale every Saturday.


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