Add a little levity to yoga with the addition of goats.  

Michelle Tritten, the founder of Hello Critter, has kept pet goats since the 1980s and practiced yoga since the 1990s.  

The Glendale-based company hosts goat yoga classes with Nigerian Dwarf goats at locations throughout L.A, including Golden Road Brewery. The combination of goats, yoga and beer attracts enough participants to sell out each month. 

While it may be a little harder to hold a downward dog, the addition of these playful critters makes the experience all the more memorable, according to Tritten. 

  • Zoe Navarrete gets a surprise hug from a passing goat.
  • Daria Makvch laughs at the antics of passing goats.
  • Lexi Smith pets a passing goat during class.
  • Michelle Tritten, founder of Hello Critter, tempts goats with fruit and hay snacks during yoga classes.
  • Three goats attended yoga at Golden Road Brewery.
  • Leslie Madill takes a quick selfie with a friendly goat.


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