LA City Council considers transgender housing policy overhaul


The Los Angeles City Council will vote Wednesday on a proposal that could rewrite the book on how the city treats the transgender community, especially where it intersects with L.A.’s growing homeless population. If approved, Item 10 on Wednesday’s City Council agenda will instruct city departments to better track transgender individuals using city programs.

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The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) will track the number and type of vouchers provided to transgender individuals, and monitor the rate of successful housing placements they experience compared to cisgender counterparts. Outreach programs could also be launched to educate transgender individuals on how to secure a Section 8 voucher.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority will be asked to monitor and record homeless shelters for compliance with the equal access rule and report on enforcement policies and action.

Many of the changes would also concern outreach and awareness for city employees. The Personnel Department, Human Relations Commission (HRC) and the Transgender Advisory Council (TAC) could review the city’’s online training program, and update it to reflect issues facing the transgender community. Those organizations will also be tasked with reporting on the budget needed for training programs for public-facing roles.

The HRC will also begin monitoring federal or state legislative developments and alert the TAC as needed.

Finally, the AIDS Coordinator’s Office within the Department on Disability, with the assistance of the TAC and the City HRC, could be instructed to report on current and future funding opportunities for the transgender community.

“The impact of the lack of affordable housing affects all Angelenos,” a Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department report said in February. “However, the transgender community carries an additional burden of discrimination when trying to access housing


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