Pasadena to raise maximum citation fines to $1,000


Pasadena City Council will consider recommending an ordinance that will raise its minimum fines for municipal code violations, and create a program to keep people out of the criminal justice system for code violations.

Currently, the Pasadena Municipal Code only allows for a maximum fine of $50.00 for violations. State-level fines are much higher, at $500.00 for infractions and up to $1,000.00 for building code violations and misdemeanors.

The increase is expected to raise about $240,000 annually for Pasadena, according to a staff report.

But there’s more to it than that, the report read. Violations of the municipal code that would result in the raised fees would go to a new program called the Pasadena Administrative Citation Enforcement (PACE) Program instead.

“This would give violators an incentive to paying the fine and would allow them to avoid a criminal prosecution and conviction.”


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