OPINION: Eric Garcetti is definitely running – Away from Los Angeles


There’s this video game out there called “Fortnite.” Essentially it is an online version of the Hunger Games. The game begins after 100 cartoonish players parachute onto a remote island then proceed to use a combination of stealth and luck and high-powered weaponry to kill one another. It is a pretty simple concept video game that has attracted gamers from all around the world to try their hand. 

In a way it is a representation of what the 2020 Presidential election could look like. 

Right now, the first person on the island seems to be Eric Garcetti. Our mayor who is clearly running for president — even though he says he’s not — was recently spotted in some remote corner of South Carolina. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, Garcetti, “attended a Democratic Party fundraiser in Columbia, spoke at a Democratic town hall meeting in Hopkins, visited Clemson University’s automotive research center and toured both Columbia and Greenville.” 

But, he’s not running for president. 

Nope, he was just there to promote a plan called “Accelerator for America.” 

Here’s how acceleratorforamerica.com explains its mission: 

“Accelerator for America provides strategic support to the best local initiatives to strengthen people’s economic security, specifically initiatives that connect people with existing jobs, create new opportunities and foster infrastructure development. We support initiatives that can be replicated and/or scaled nationwide, city by city, community by community, focusing on benefitting disadvantaged communities.” 


How long will it be before one of Garcetti’s (as yet unnamed) opponents comes to Los Angeles, films the massive tent cities that have grown up on the fringes and asks the questions that we all have? 

“How did this happen?” 

“What is our mayor doing about it?” 

They might also ask where Garcetti’s been as sex scandals are tearing apart the state legislature and violent crime is up statewide. 

My answer is that he’s been running — running away. 

Make no mistake, no matter how pretty he might appear to be, Garcetti is a very flawed candidate. And, sadly for those who might see him as a viable alternative to President Trump, his fortnight in the spotlight is nearly up. 


  1. It is still early in the game but I am inclined to agree with you that Mr. Garcetti has a slim chance of becoming our next President. I was thinking of him as Vice President but since California voters will support almost any
    Democratic candidate, he really does not add that much to the ticket. I can see Garcetti as Secretary of Housing assuming the Democrats prevail.


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