Armed intruder seen on security video inside school in Pasadena


PASADENA (CNS) – An armed intruder broke into a school in Pasadena and spent about 15 minutes on campus before leaving when an alarm sounded, it was reported today.

The suspect broke into the school by picking the lock of a girls’ restroom with a knife or other tool about 6 a.m. Thursday, according to an email from Jennifer Ramirez, Principal of St. Phillip the Apostle School, that was obtained by ABC7.

An alarm sounded after the intruder spent about 15 minutes roaming the campus, and the suspect fled but left a large kitchen knife in the restroom that was later found by children, the e-mail said.

Pasadena police said it is too early in the investigation to release the security video of the incident or a description of the suspect.

In the email, Ramirez said students were never in danger.

A second email from Ramirez stated the suspect was not hiding in the girl’s bathroom and no students or staff were on campus at the time of the incident.


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