Four arrested in tobacco-buying sting in Pomona


POMONA (CNS) – Four people, including one with outstanding warrants, were arrested today in a tobacco-buying sting operation in Pomona.

Police had two minors wait outside various stores throughout the city between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. and, after telling adults they were under the age of 21, asked the adults if they would purchase tobacco products for them, according to Sgt. Jon Edson of the Pomona Police Department.

The minors contacted six adults and four offered to buy cigarettes for them, Edson said.

Once the tobacco was furnished to the minors, the adults were detained and issued citations, Edson said.

Three of the individuals were released pending their court date and the fourth was arrested for outstanding warrants, Edson said. Details of the warrants were not disclosed.


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