While many Angelenos will brave packed freeways and crowded beaches to send off summer on Labor Day, many in Los Angeles will take a different approach to their long weekend by binge-watching all the TV shows and movies busy work schedules didn’t allow for this summer.

Whether you’re getting home from a weekend trip early, preparing for an evening cookout, or just need a day with comfy pants and non-stop streaming, here are some Labor Day streams to binge before going back to work on Tuesday.


Netflix will dump Batman Begins, Dead Poets Society and a handful of other movies and series in September, but it might be worth it for what we’re getting. Classic movies such as The Breakfast Club and Unforgiven will be up for grabs starting Sept. 1, with Disney’s Lilo and The Emperor’s New Groove joining in on Sunday. Conspiracy thriller “Quantico,” starring Priyanka Chopra an FBI recruit who is the prime suspect of a terrorist attack, will also launch its third season on Sunday.

Of course, if you’re interested in preparing for the Emmy Awards later this month, try “GLOW” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” both of which have been nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series. Labor Day could also be your chance to get reacquainted with “Stranger Things” and “The Crown,” nominees for Outstanding Drama.


Hulu has slimmer Emmy options than Netflix this year, though comedies “Black-ish” and “The Good Place” are both worth checking out, especially for Ted Danson’s performance in the latter. However, Hulu’s “Safe Harbor” miniseries will only set you back four episodes and covers the Southeast Asian refugee crisis in Australia.

Hulu has an edge over Netflix in the exclusives category, though. While the United States version of “The Office” can be found on both streaming services, you can only get the original British version on Hulu. Another Hulu exclusive is “Firefly,” which angsty nerds have mourned since its cancelation in 2003, after only one season. If you’re looking for something just as nerdy, but more cerebral than Firefly’s space cowboys, try philosophically-inclined animated series “Ergo Proxy,” which brings robot fights and deep themes in equal measure.

Amazon Prime

“The Office” may have found a home on both Hulu and Netflix, but star John Krasinski has found his latest stomping grounds on Amazon Prime. Krasinski tries his action chops on “Jack Ryan,” the latest update of the Tom Clancy hero. Variety and The New York Times have both given Krasinski rave reviews for the performance, and if you manage to binge the entire season in one sitting, you can move on to “The Man in the High Castle,” Amazon’s award-winning adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel.


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