Los Angeles leaders want MLB championship trophies for Dodgers


Hot on the heels of Major League Baseball’s sign-stealing scandal last week, Los Angeles City Councilmen Paul Koretz and Gilbert Cedillo have called for the baseball organization to recall the championship trophies presented to the Houston Astros in 2017 and the Boston Red Sox in 2018, and hand them over to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Astros and Red Sox are both at the center of an investigation which concluded earlier this week that Alex Cora – who served as bench coach for the Astros in 2017 and manager of the Red Sox in 2018 – used a camera to illicitly steal signs from opposing catchers during those seasons, both of which ended with Cora’s respective teams defeating the Dodgers at the World Series.

“This is an equity and justice thing,” Cedillo said. “Who was the best team in 2017? Who was the best team in 2018? It was the Dodgers. They got beat by teams that were cheating.”

Koretz was more moderate in tone, admitting the request was unprecedented, but said awarding the trophies to the Dodgers would be “appropriate payback” for having been cheated.

“I think this really besmirches the national pastime and the most historic sport in American history, and there has to be a message that this isn’t allowed,” Koretz said.

Unprecedented or not, the City Council will vote next week on whether to approve a resolution asking the MLB to award the Dodgers those trophies.

The resolution does not call for the city to initiate any legal action, although some Dodger fans have suggested going to court over the matter, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The last time the Dodgers won the World Series was in 1988, when they defeated the Oakland Athletics.


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