Pasadena to celebrate invention of cheeseburger with week-long festival


Starting this Monday, Pasadenans can celebrate one of the city’s most beloved natives: the cheeseburger.

According to Pasadena lore, local cook Lionel Sternberger became the first to put cheese to hamburger and serve it at the Rite Spot at 1500 West Colorado Blvd in Pasadena in 1924. Since then, the cheeseburger has taken the world by storm, with Americans eating almost 50 billion burgers a year according to PBS.

To celebrate Sternberger’s invention, the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce will host the fifth annual Cheeseburger Week and Cheeseburger Challenge from Jan. 7 to 12 this week. Locals will be able to vote for best cheeseburgers from across town

More than 40 different restaurants across Pasadena will offer special burgers for the occasion, in an effort to win the Cheeseburger Challenge and be crowned Pasadena’s top burger joint.

Some participating restaurants include Pie ‘n Burger, Du-par’s and Kings Row Gastropub. A full list of participants can be found online.


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