Here’s how to stay social and have fun as L.A. cold spell continues


Rainy weather and chilly temperatures are set to continue throughout this week, according to the National Weather Service. But don’t think that means you have to stay indoors! If you’re interested in getting out of the house for a bit, try hitting one of this week’s Essential Events.

Painting and Brews!OpenDocument

If rainy days have got you down, drop by Iron Triangle Brewing in downtown Los Angeles Monday night for a paint and pour to remember. Master artist James Crowley will lead attendees in painting a beautiful beach sunset scene while enjoying craft beer, and attendees who buy tickets with promo code IRONTRIANGLE will enjoy $20 off per person.


Kodo Evolution!OpenDocument

Feel the heartbeat of Los Angeles with this energetic taiko drum performance. The Japanese ensemble Kodo has returned to the City of Angels with a new production featuring an updated of taiko, the age-old Japanese musical art. Programs, dates and prices are all subject to change, so make sure to follow closely online.


Passport to Iron City!OpenDocument

Wednesday is your last chance to peer into the futuristic world of sci-fi blockbuster Alita: Battle Angel, which will hit theaters Thursday. Helmed by Robert Rodriguez, James Cameron and Jon Landau, “Alita” will feature a retro-futuristic aesthetic on full display at Passport to Iron City. The interactive exhibition will allow visitors to interact with the City’s gritty residents, earn credits by completing puzzles and challenges and more.


Valentine’s Day at One Colorado!OpenDocument

Most Angelenos are likely to have Valentine’s Day plans already, but if you don’t then make sure to head over to Pasadena. One Colorado will offer a cute kissing booth, a strolling accordionist’s rendering of romantic tunes, and on-the-spot poetry from the Poem Store.


Disgusting Food Museum Los Angeles!OpenDocument

This week will be your last chance to visit the Disgusting Food Museum while it’s in Los Angeles. Since December, the museum has been grossing out Angelenos with maggot-infested cheese, bull testicles and eyeballs all on display, along with plenty of illuminating info on the cultures that produced them.


Riverside County Fair!OpenDocument

Only in California could you have a county fair in the middle of winter, and one of the wettest in years at that. The 73rd annual Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival will make its way to Indio on Feb. 15, but consider going on Saturday after to avoid rain on Friday.


Rod Serling’s Stories From The Zone!OpenDocument

The Twilight Zone is one of America’s most beloved horror, sci-fi and fantasy series, and Rod Serling’s Stories from the Zone promises to bring stage adaptations of two classic episodes to Beverly Hills. In “Mr. Garrity and the Graves,” an Old West wanderer resurrects the dead, while in “Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up,” stranded diners brave paranoia, snowstorms and alien invasions in equal measure.


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