The Hub Reacts: Editors put Momo Challenge mystery to rest


The Momo Challenge stems from a video that contains the picture of a bug-eyed corpse-like creature with a stringy black hair and a pointy chin.

In one version of the video — contained in a Peppa Pig episode — a cut away to Momo includes a terrifying rhyming warning that seems to urge self-harm.

“Hello I am Momo. Your worst nightmare I’m going to kill you. I will kill you. At night I will come when you are in your bed and you’ll be dead. You want a surprise? Look in my eyes. I won’t like you area going to die. Slice your leg and you will never meet me. Slice your wrists and your parents will never see me. Sweet dreams little one. Beware of me. Momo.”

In this video, The Hub editors Hugo Guzman and Frank Girardot react to the Momo Challenge, give their thoughts and draw some conclusions on the viral menace.


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