THE LIST: Five more YouTube channels to visit for learning


From PewDiePie to Philip DeFranco, YouTube channels can be an endless source of entertainment. However, few realize that the website has just as many great sources of education available.

For expanding your knowledge, this week’s installment of The List covers some of our favorite YouTube channels. Whether you’re looking for deep knowledge or interesting trivia, here are five more channels to watch next time you’re on the ‘tube.

For Memes – Lessons in Meme Culture

If you feel like internet culture and online inside jokes have left you behind, Lessons in Meme Culture is here to save the day. This channel’s frequent uploads cover the most recent news in memes, from the famous and widely-loved (such as the lamp-loving moth memes that went viral late last year) to the more obscure. Additionally, LiMC covers the wider social ramifications of meme culture, such as its effect on advertising and politics.

For Mythology – The Exploring Series

Those who loved storytelling and ancient myths when they were younger will quickly fall in love with the Exploring Series, a YouTube channel that covers mythologies both old and new. While the channel features dozens of videos on Celtic and Norse mythologies, it also hosts extensive coverage of fictional universes such as the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and H.P. Lovecraft. The channel’s most popular series to date has been an exploration of the SCP Foundation mythos, a large body of collaborative online fiction active since 2009.

For Coding – Computerphile

Last week, we talked a bit about Numberphile, which explores the biggest mysteries in mathematics. Sister channel Computerphile instead sheds light on the often-incomprehensible world of computer science. If you’ve ever wondered how computer coding works from its most fundamental levels, Computerphile should be your first stop for short explanatory videos breaking it all down.

For Security – LockPickingLawyer

Millions of Americans entrust their most important documents and objects to basic store-bought locks every day, but one YouTuber is dedicated to showcasing just how flimsy such security devices are. Known as LockPickingLawyer on YouTube, this channel features one man defeating hundreds of locks in his often-daily uploads. If you’re looking for a new security device or interested in picking up lockpicking as a hobby or sport, make sure to check the channel first.

For Real Life Lore – RealLifeLore

Of course, this world is just way too complex for every niche field of interest to be covered in a YouTube channel, which is why this “general knowledge” channel has been left for last. RealLifeLore has no specific subject behind it, although geography and politics are frequently featured. However, it covers tidbits such as the world’s strangest borders, history’s most unusual events and much more.


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