The List: Five projects reshaping Los Angeles


Los Angeles is a county under construction. Projects have been booming across the Southland for years, with many taking shape and others still under development. No matter where you live in the Greater L.A. area, here are five major construction projects you should keep an eye on.

Inglewood’s new stadium

With Los Angeles now home to two different NFL teams, Inglewood’s anticipated football stadium promises to bring hotels, restaurants and nightlife to the city. The Rams and Chargers will both share the stadium, and new photos from ESPN’s Arash Markazi shows the roof truss coming together. Of course, not everyone in Inglewood is sure if the stadium is necessarily a good thing. Read more about local business owners and their take on the stadium here.

Metro-LAX connector

While you can currently catch a shuttle to the Los Angeles International Airport from Union Station, Metro’s latest project promises to take travelers even closer to their destination. A $500-million Metro rail station is planned to connect LAX with the Green and Crenshaw/LAX lines in Crenshaw, a project that currently has service along the Green line halted. This project is scheduled to open in 2023.

The Purple Line Extension

Despite the best efforts of Beverly Hills residents to stop the Metro Purple Line from running under their city, construction continues. Metro released a new picture of underground efforts on Wednesday, and construction in Beverly Hills has shut down parts of Wilshire Boulevard. Of course, efforts to stop construction continue, with the Center for Investigative Reporting releasing a profile on one of the Line’s greatest nemesis on Wednesday.

May Co. parking garage

Parking garages are rarely big news, but in parking-stretched Los Angeles, but the proposed revamp of the former May Co. parking garage has nevertheless raised some eyebrows. The six-story structure, completed in 1926 at the corner of 9th and Hill Streets, is slated to be revamped to include an Erewhon grocery store on its ground floor. There are also planned rooftop office spaces and a tower construction targeting neighboring surface parking lots.

The Target Husk

While the above projects could reshape Los Angeles, this one’s here for sheer meme value. The Target Husk, located at Sunset and Western in Hollywood, was once (and now, once more) slated to become a three-story big-box store, but has been stalled since 2014 thanks to local legal challenges. After its story went viral last year, the Target project was finally cleared for completion last month.


  1. You forgot the Downtown Connector, which will connect the Blue and Expo lines with the Gold line. This is will connect the region via transit in ways not possible since the old Pacific Electric Trains went away. This is a more important development than the Crenshaw LAX line, which is fantastic in it’s own right.


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