The List: What to do when you have nothing to do on Thanksgiving


Whether you’re traveling on business, can’t afford to leave town, or just have no one to spend the holiday with, Thanksgiving can be lonely for those Angelenos on their own. Luckily, there’s plenty going on in L.A. to save you from a boring night with take-out and Netflix. If you find yourself with no plans on Thursday, let the List be your guide.

Try Vegan Eats in DTLA

No turkey? No problem, at least according to the folks at downtown Los Angeles eatery Beelman’s. For just $25, you’ll be treated to a plant-based, meat-free Thanksgiving meal cooked up by Chef Caroline Concha. Not only is that cheaper than most restaurant dinners on Thanksgiving, but you can bet it’ll be healthy and delicious, no matter your personal tastes. Tickets are still available, and dinner runs from 5 to 10 p.m.

Attend Turkey Trot Los Angeles

If you need to work up an appetite before heading to Beelman’s, or burn some calories after a big Thanksgiving Eve meal, consider heading to Turkey Trot Los Angeles, an event of races, games and activities on Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles. You can work off those calories in either the 5K or the 10K run/walk events, participate in a costume contest and even win pie.

Pay it Forward

You can also count on plenty of opportunities to help out the Los Angeles community this Thanksgiving. The Los Angeles Mission has been recruiting volunteers to provide Thanksgiving meals to those who would otherwise go without. Meanwhile, the Union Rescue Mission has been expecting record-breaking numbers for its own efforts. Check online for a full list of places to call if you’re looking to do good on Thanksgiving.

Prepare to Hit the Road

If you’ve been paying attention to The Hub recently, you’ll know that transportation analysts are predicting the worst Thanksgiving traffic since 2005, with roads predicted to remain jammed through Monday. However, there’s a proverbial eye of the storm in those traffic predictions, and that’s on Friday and Saturday. Most local Thanksgiving trips will have concluded by then, while Angelenos who left town won’t be back until Sunday. If you’re interested in a weekend getaway, this might be the perfect time to schedule just that.

Know What’s Closed

Independently of whether you do any of the above, Angelenos alone and otherwise should avoid banks and government offices on Thanksgiving, with most also shuttering on Friday. Federal buildings will operate Friday, while the U.S. Postal Service will shut down on Thanksgiving and come back Friday as well. Los Angeles Unified School District schools are closed both days, while trash pickup will be delayed by one day, with Thursday pickups scheduled for Friday, and Friday pickups coming along Saturday. Buses and subway services in Los Angeles will run on a holiday schedule.


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