UPDATE: The Los Angeles City Council voted in favor of the motion.

One of Los Angeles’ most anticipated public works projects could be officially funded Tuesday, when the Los Angeles City Council votes on a motion to fund the 7th Street Streetscape Improvements Project.

$7,970,689 would come from the Wilshire Grand, which transferred funds to the City last year, while another $2,115,000 would come from the California Department of Housing, according to a motion up for a vote by the City Council tomorrow.

The 7th Street Streetscape Improvements Project would overhaul streetscape from South Olive Street to South San Pedro Street by widening sidewalks, adding bicycle lane buffers and more lighting. Transit platforms would also be added, and attendees at a public workshop during the planning stages also asked for scrambled crossings, like those in Old Pasadena.

The Skid Row Housing Trust would also get $13,845 via the motion. Part of the funds would go towards hiring a civil engineer, while the rest would be used to fund the improvements.

Korean Air promised millions of dollars for the 7th Street Streetscape Improvements Project when it made the deal to build the Wilshire Grand, but at the time it wasn’t known whether Korean Air, development partner AC Martin, or the City would handle construction along 7th Street. However, Tuesday’s motion will give the Bureau of Engineering and Los Angeles Department of Transportation the reins.



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