Battle over Industry-owned pasture ends with settlement, focus on preservation


On Tuesday, the Industry City Council voted to implement a settlement agreement with Chino Hills and Diamond Bar to preserve one of the largest remaining open spaces in Southern California.

The Tres Hermanos Ranch, a 2,500-acre property in Diamond Bar and Chino Hills, has been at the center of three years of negotiation and debate between the three cities involved in the settlement. Historically, the area has been used for cattle grazing, though plans to develop it have been long in the works.

Although 695 acres of the property are in Diamond Bar and 1,750 acres are in Chino Hills, the whole of Tres Hermanos is owned by Industry. In 2017, controversy erupted when plans were made public to transform the ranch into a solar power facility.

Now, use of the land is reserved for public use and preservation.

“The City Council was committed to reach this agreement with the City of Chino Hills and the City of Diamond Bar in order to do what is best for the region and for future generations,” Industry City Manager Troy Helling said Tuesday.

Additionally, the three cities will form a Joint Powers Authority, creating a seven-member board with two members from Chino Hills and Diamond Bar, and three from Industry to manage the property. Future projects will require at least one vote from a representative of the city affected, and two votes from Industry.

Tres Hermanos will be transferred to the Joint Powers Authority for $41.7 million, after which Diamond Bar and Chino Hills will pay a collective $4.2 million to the City of Industry. Chino Hills will pay nearly $3 million for its share of the land, while Diamond Bar will kick in $1.2 million, largely corresponding to the cities’ percentages of the land. The three cities will split the maintenance costs.


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