Blue Line to open in late October with free rides and celebration


Metro announced Tuesday construction is nearly over on the Blue Line improvements which have kept much of the light rail line closed throughout the year. The Blue Line will fully reopen in late October 2019 with new digital screens, signage, tracks, system wiring, artwork and more.

The reopening of the line will include a community celebration and free rides, though no details are known as of yet.

According to Metro spokeswoman Anna Chen, train testing will be the final phase of upgrade implementation. The northern section of the line, worked on for most of 2019, had four times as much work done in comparison to the southern segment, and requires extensive testing before opening.

The New Blue Improvements Project is a part of Metro’s State of Good Repair initiative, a $350-million project includes four new crossover tracks/switches that will help reduce service interruptions. Also included in this project is an overhaul of Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station.


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