Food pantry map expanded, now covers Los Angeles County entirely


Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin’s map of Los Angeles food pantries released last week has expanded to cover the entirety of L.A. County, the Controller’s office announced Wednesday.

More than 140 food pantries have been added to the map, which can be accessed online.

“The new normal of staying home is necessary to slow the spread of the coronavirus right now but poses real challenges for families across the Southland,” Galperin said in a press release. “Kids can’t go to school, parents have either lost their job or are forced to work from home, and meeting basic needs like getting food is tougher than it was before”

Galperin has previously mapped resources for emergency preparedness, LGBTQ homeless youth, tax preparation, homeless housing, domestic violence services, youth programs, summer fun activities and more. His office released the original map last Wednesday, initially covering food pantries only within Los Angeles city limits, as well as locations for the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Grab-and-Go food program.

“My goal is to help people, especially working and low-income families, access fresh and nutritious food so that they can keep themselves healthy,” Galperin said.



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