Former deputy rehired by Villanueva ordered to give up badge and gun


Former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Caren Carl Mandoyan has been ordered to surrender his badge and gun and stop identifying himself as a law enforcement officer, after months back on the job courtesy of Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

Mandoyan, who was fired from the department in 2016 following allegations of domestic violence, was reinstated by the freshly elected Villanueva last December. Mandoyan’s place within the department became controversial after the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors took Villanueva to court over in an attempt to stop the reinstatement.

“Your reinstatement was unlawful,” County Auditor-Controller John Naimo said earlier this year in a letter, which also asserted Villanueva did not have authority to reinstate Mandoyan.

Villanueva disagreed, even saying he would look at other dismissals and terminations from Former Sheriff Jim McDonnell’s tenure. However, Villanueva also said he’ll accept the court ruling, despite his misgivings about other recent Board decisions.

“I remain hopeful and optimistic that the Board of Supervisors and I can get back to finding solutions together to end the homelessness crisis, as well as security better care for all of our inmates given the Board of Supervisors’ recent vote to stop the conversion of Men’s Central Jail into a mental health treatment center, resulting in a massive loss of millions of taxpayer dollars,” Villanueva said.

Mandoyan, for his part, has alleged he’s been targeted due to outspoken support for Villanueva. Following his dismissal, Mandoyan acted as Villanueva’s driver and campaigned among rank-and-file deputies during Villanueva’s run for office.


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