Garcetti says pet groomers, car washes can reopen under COVID-19 guidelines


LOS ANGELES (CNS) – People can take their pets to be groomed and trained in Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti said today while also announcing car washes in the city can reopen.

People will have to drop off their pets at the groomers and trainers and follow the same COVID-19 guidelines for small retail shops that were announced last week, until the Los Angeles Safer at Home orders are more relaxed.

Garcetti said during his COVID-19 pandemic update the mobile testing teams dispatched to skilled nursing facilities, or senior living homes, have completed testing at 101 of the 135 of such living complexes in Los Angeles, and more than 25,000 residents and workers in these facilities have been tested.

“We’re getting this done through the power of partnerships,” Garcetti said. “Early on, we contacted those folks who run these facilities, but we needed to supply a steady set of tests to them.”

Garcetti said he would prefer to have the skilled nursing facilities be able to conduct the testing on their own. Under the Safer at Home orders, skilled nursing centers are required to post information on COVID-19 testing within their facilities.

Garcetti also said there have been more than 3,500 hotel and motel rooms secured countywide within the last six weeks under the county’s Project Roomkey to house homeless people during the pandemic, and the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority has filled those rooms “quickly, mostly within two to three days.”

Garcetti also some of firefighters injured in an explosion Saturday in downtown Los Angeles’ Toy District underwent surgery Tuesday.

Four of the 12 firefighters injured in the explosion at a supplier for manufacturers of butane honey oil remained hospitalized, Garcetti said, adding all 12 are expected to recover.


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