Here’s what to do if you spot a mountain lion


Mountain Lion sightings are on the rise, here’s how to stay safe

There have a few recent sightings of mountain lions in the Monrovia foothills and along Canyon Park trails by residents, hikers, and park rangers. Mountain lion sightings are not an uncommon occurrence in our foothill community, but as a reminder, we wanted to share a few tips of what to do when encountering these majestic and elusive creatures.

If you see a mountain lion, keep your distance and take the encounter seriously.  Making eye contact will ensure you have the animal’s attention.  If you have children or a small pet with you, pick them up, so they do not panic and run.  Do your best to pick them up without bending over or turning away from the mountain lion. The best advice is to not crouch down or bend over, if at all possible. Other helpful tips include:

  • Seem as large as possible
  • Make noise
  • Act defiant, not afraid
  • Slowly create distance
  • Protect yourself

We encourage never to traverse alone at night on our hiking trails.  Be sure to take some safety items with you on your journey in case it gets dark while you’re still out on the trails.  Helpful items include flashlights, reflective clothing, water, hikers’ medical kit, a light backpack to keep extra clothes for warmth, and sturdy hiking shoes.  Be safe and have fun enjoying our wonderful open space park and preserve.

— Courtesy Monrovia City Manager Oliver Chi


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