L.A. City Council adds fine for disabled placard misuse


Angelenos who misuse disabled parking placards could soon see serious fines. The Los Angeles City Council approved Tuesday an ordnance imposing a $1,100 penalty on individuals who misuse placards or special license plates.

The ordinance was approved unanimously, and now needs to be signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti to become official.

A similar resolution was adopted in 2013, although there was no fine attached to it. Councilman Bob Blumenfield said that disabled placard misuse is commonplace, and that the city needed to put a stop to it.

“When you abuse a disabled placard you are taking it away from a person who really needs it, or you are abusing that privilege and diluting it and making it difficult for everyone else to get around Los Angeles,” Blumenfield said.

In addition to the municipal fine, state law also imposes an additional 10 percent of the penalty, which is deposited with the city.


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