L.A. community college officials applaud tuition program expansion


Los Angeles Community College District officials praised an ambitious new goal by Mayor Eric Garcetti to double the number of students in the L.A. College Promise Program from about 5,000 to 10,000 by 2022 at his most recent State of the City address earlier this month.

According to Garcetti, the plan to increase enrollment will be supplemented with free laptops and free bus transportation for L.A. College Promise students.

“Thank you so much to Mayor Eric Garcetti for his amazing leadership and vision in embracing the hopes and aspirations of our students,” Mike Fong, President of the LACCD Board of Trustees, said Tuesday. “Free tuition, free laptops and free transportation is the trifecta for making Los Angeles a City of college graduates.”

The L.A. College Promise Program began in 2017. It guarantees the first year of free tuition for all high school seniors graduating from the Los Angeles Unified School District who then enrolled full time at one of LACCD’s nine colleges.

L.A.’s program helped generate statewide support for legislation providing free, first-year tuition at all of California’s community colleges under AB19. Now, there’s a campaign pushing for the second year to be free under the proposed AB2.

“This is a program that does much more than cover tuition,” Garcetti said during the address. “This is about opening the door to a bright future for every graduate.”


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