LA City Council to vote on funding for temporary DTLA homeless shelter


Downtown Los Angeles could soon see another homeless shelter built down the street from a major tourist destination.

The Los Angeles City Council will vote Tuesday to approve $2 million for the construction and operation of a temporary shelter at Parking Lot 5, at the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument. The motion does not approve the shelter but only establishes funding mechanisms.

The shelter, proposed by Councilmen Jose Huizar and Mike Bonin, will cost $1,370,000, according to city documents. Operating the shelter for six months will cost $631,303. The money will come out funds earmarked for the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA).

“Homelessness is a crisis that affects every resident of the City of Los Angeles,” Huizar said. “Suitable and safe shelter is a basic need, and the lack thereof can have a damaging effect upon an individual and community’s health and well-being.”

According to city documents, the site is expected to feature three leased 24’ x 60’ housing trailers, which will accommodate up to 20 individuals each, with space for a bed and personal storage. There will also be a trailer with restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities and one for administrative purposes.


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