Landlord forcing out 102-year-old woman in favor of his daughter


LADERA HEIGHTS (CNS) – A 102-year-old woman will be forced out of the home she rents in Ladera Heights by the end of next month in order to allow the landlord’s daughter to move in.

Thelma Smith lives alone, after losing her husband and most of her family. The rest of her family lives on the East Coast, CBS2 reported.

Family and friends have looked into the possibility of her moving into assisted living or with someone who live nearby, both of which are difficult due to her fixed income, the station said.

A family friend told CBS2 Smith would need government help, as well as assistance from family and friends to make such a move.

When the landlord was asked by CBS2 if he would kick out a 102-year- old woman, which he can legally do, he responded, “Would you take care of your child?”

Smith has until June 30 to move out.


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