Nearly $20 million allocated for Skid Row by Los Angeles officials


The Los Angeles City Council approved Friday millions in emergency funds for homelessness housing and services, targeting Skid Row and Downtown Los Angeles. The money will go toward temporary housing in San Pedro, improved access to restrooms and showers, and more.

Officials heard a motion for roughly $2.7 million in emergency funding toward Skid Row, while also approving $7.1 million toward the A Bridge Home housing site at 515 N. Beacon St. in San Pedro and $13.1 million to cover increased costs of other temporary housing facilities across the city.

“If we’re going to address homelessness, Skid Row and Downtown Los Angeles must be at the front-line of solutions,” Councilman Jose Huizar said.

Homeless Angelenos will soon see funding at work, through improved access to showers, restrooms and water foundations at St. Vincent de Paul and The People Concern facilities. Additionally, just over $650,000 will go toward storage bins and collection boxes aimed at reducing improper disposal of hazardous materials.

If the $2.7 million proposed on Friday is approved, City Council will have spent $11 million on Skid Row alone, with about $9 million more expected to be designated in the coming months.

Huizar told reporters Friday he hopes to get an additional $20 million in state funding for Skid Row support and service programs.

“We need more resources and services if we’re going to come close to matching the tragic epidemic that is playing out throughout our City’s streets, but nowhere more starkly and profoundly than Skid Row.”


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