Monrovia’s next election could wait until March 2020


For decades, Monrovia’s elections have stood alone, taking place in April every odd year and attracting low voter turnout. But according to City Manager Oliver Chi, that’s about to change. To bring Monrovia into compliance with a new state law, Monrovia will consolidate its municipal elections with a statewide election, either on Nov. 2018 or March 2020.

Chi explained in his weekly newsletter that Monrovia’s election turnout in April 2017 was 13.4 percent, far below the 46.62 percent turnout required by State Bill 415 to maintain stand-alone elections. That meant that city leaders had two options to replace the planned April 2019 election. Either was touted as a possibility, but according city staff prefered March.

“Many local government jurisdictions have aligned their municipal elections as stand-alone elections to avoid partisan conflict in community-based issues,” Chi said. “And when looking at the options available to the City, a March election would certainly be less partisan than a November election.”

However, the issue will be discussed in detail at Monrovia’s next City Council meeting on Nov. 7.


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