Monrovia City Manager defends trash hike


Following public outcry over the price increase for Monrovia trash services, City Manager Oliver Chi took to his weekly update on Tuesday to break the bill down for concerned citizens.
According to Chi, the average residential customer saw an increase of about $1.25 on their monthly bill. Chi said that part of the increase (2.66 percent) was due simply to rising operating costs, while the state minimum wage increase accounted for another 0.66 percent. The last percent came from environmental compliance and landfill costs, which also went up this year.
Although the City is allowed to veto any rate increase above 5 percent, city staff nevertheless analyzed the increases and evaulated them, finding that even after the increase, Monrovia was the fifth cheapest in the region, out of 14 cities.
Chi also apologized for any confusion that resulted, and went on to tout the benefits of the Monrovia trash program in his email missive. Should any residents remain unsatisfied, Chi asked that they schedule a 1-on-1 Solid Waste Services Optimization Meeting to explore possible ways of saving money. These meetings are run by Management Analyst Alex Tachiki, who can be reached at (626) 932-5553, or via e-mail at


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