Net Neutrality – Why It Matters


A major rule change in how companies provide Internet service to the public could fundamentally change how we use the web. If the Federal Communications Commission has its way, it could disrupt the flow of information, business competition, freedom of speech and everyone’s pocketbook for years to come.
Under the concept of net neutrality, broadband Internet service providers would have to provide service without discrimination based on content. They also couldn’t impose elaborate tiered pricing systems under which companies like Google or Netflix, for example — and therefore their customers — would have to pay higher prices to get their content delivered at the fastest speeds. Others who don’t pay more would see delivery of their content deliberately slowed down.
The FCC is reviewing the rules and is proposing to end the open internet. Activists groups in support of keeping the internet as it now operates called for a day of protest on July 12. According to Fight for the Future, organizers of the Day of Action for Net Neutrality reportedly reached 10 million people and millions wrote to the FCC and their elected officials.
The first window for public comment remained open through July 17, and a second round of public comment will now remain open through August 16.
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