New report suggests electric fleets the future of company vehicles


Large companies are oftentimes blamed for heavy emissions, but according to a new report by the non-profit The Climate Group, that could soon change.

So far, 31 companies have committed to The Climate Group’s EV100 program and made pledges to convert 145,000 vehicles to electric by 2030. More are expected to join in soon, as the program is only about 18 months old.

The biggest commitment so far is from Dutch fleet management company LeasePlan, which has committed to converting 1.8 million vehicles to zero-emissions vehicles. Other companies who have adopted the program include Bank of America, Clif Bar & Company and IKEA Group.

In addition to zero-emissions vehicles, companies under the program are also racing to install charging infrastructure. Vehicle charging is still considered one of the top barriers to electric vehicle adoption.

UPS is another company converting to fully electric vehicles. In a survey conducted last year by GreenBiz, the American delivery juggernaut cited inadequate onsite charging infrastructure as the biggest reason conversion has gone slowly. According to the survey, 92 percent of UPS respondents said their facility is not “very well equipped” for electric vehicle charging.

That may seem like a significant hurdle, but analysts at Bloomberg suggest that electric and gas-powered vehicles will reach parity within five years. Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s 2018 Electric Vehicle Outlook predicts that 11 million electric vehicles will be on the road in 2025, and 30 million by 2030.


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