Newsom announces new budget, winning praise from Garcetti


On Thursday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom released a proposed budget for 2019-20 that would increase spending for education, homelessness and infrastructure.

Newsom’s budget would spend a record $80.7 billion on kindergarten through 12th grade schools and community colleges, up from the roughly $78 billion included in the previous budget. Additionally, his housing plan includes $250 million for more housing and $500 million for general purposes in communities in need.

More money would be set aside for developer loans, meant to go to moderate-income housing and an expansion of the state’s housing tax credit program. Newsom also promised an inventory of state property to assess where housing can be built.

Working families would also see a bigger cut of the pie under the plan, which would double California’s earned-income tax credit and make it more widely available, while increasing the value of Calworks grants for low-income families.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti praised the plan on Thursday.

“Budgets are statements of our values, and Governor Newsom’s proposal makes clear that we can only live up to our ideals of equity and opportunity if we end homelessness in our communities, expand affordable housing in our neighborhoods, and further invest in the education of our young people and the health of our families, including our immigrant brothers and sisters,” Garcetti said.


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