Recall Jerry Brown activists hold noon event


A group calling for the recall of California Gov. Jerry Brown will host a press conference on the steps of the Ronald Reagan State Building at noon Friday.

The press conference will announce a Recall Brown rally that is scheduled to take place in the same location Saturday afternoon.
Several speakers will take part in the event, organizers said. Among them are:

– Mac Young (Director of Technology – CA Trump Campaign)
– Rachel Gunther (Executive Director Make California Great PAC)
– Stelian Onufrei (Congressional Candidate CA 48th District)
– Randy Economy (Media Advisor/Former Talk Radio Show Host)
– SABO – Conservative Street Artist (
– Malcolm McGough (California Political and Field Operations
Director Trump Campaign)

According to a press release each of the speakers is associated with Members of the Make California Great Political Action Committee. They will detail the movement, which claims that Brown has “failed time and time again to act in the best interest of Californians.”

The Reagan State Building is located at 300 South Spring Street.

In an article posted earlier this week, the Sacramento Bee’s Alexi Koseff, characterized the effort as an uphill battle for organizers.

“The effort is a tremendous longshot,” he wrote. “Make California Great PAC would have to collect hundreds of thousands of signatures to qualify their recall, then wage a multimillion-dollar battle against the state’s most powerful political figure. The group has not reported any contributions to the secretary of state or lined up a major donor to bankroll its campaign, nor has it reached out to the Trump team for assistance, though Gunther said it has already received tens of thousands of dollars from grassroots supporters.”



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