Regional Connector breaks through to the 7th St/Metro Center Station


Metro’s Regional Connector project reached a major milestone earlier this week, when it broke through the wall between 7th/Metro Station, and the two-mile tunnel to the Gold Line.

The wall was demolished via diamond wire saw, which Metro spokesman Roberto Ayala said allowed crews to “pull out the blocks one at a time like an oversized game of Jenga.”

The connector, scheduled to open in 2022 and budgeted at $1.756 billion, is an integral part of Metro’s plan to merge the Blue, Expo and Gold Lines into two new light rail lines, one between Azusa and Long Beach, and one between East Los Angeles and Santa Monica

It will also provide downtown Los Angeles with three new Metro stations. One will be an expanded Little Tokyo/Arts District Station, at 1st Street and Central Avenue. The other two will be located at the intersection of 2nd Street and Broadway, and 2nd Street and Hope Street.

Digging under Flower Street, toward 7th/Metro Station began in 2017. The next part of the process is to integrate the new rail line with tracks used by the Blue Line and Expo Line.


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