Residents continue to debate development at former BKK site


West Covina residents Tuesday spoke in favor of a developer’s plan to build a hotel at the former BKK site on South Azusa Avenue.

Singpoli, an Arcadia-based developer, hopes to transform the BKK site into a local landmark, which would include a 400-room resort hotel, along with an amphitheater, horseback riding and hiking trails. Additionally, the area around the former landfill would contain a park anchored by zipline and virtual reality attractions. Solar panels and greenhouses would be installed on the southern portion of the development.

West Covina residents at City Council said a resort could turn West Covina into a destination city.

“I really hope the city approves this project,” West Covina resident Joe Chen told the City Council Tuesday night. “In the future, I would love to bring my family to hang out.”

Additionally, some said Singpoli’s contributions could be salvation in the battle against a contentious utilities tax plan that would be imposed to balance the city’s budget. As it stands, West Covina remains one of the few cities in the San Gabriel Valley yet to increase or impose a utilities tax, which West Covina resident Bill Elliott said was a mark of distinction for the City.

“[Opponents of development] are NIMBYs, and they just want what they want, not what’s good for the City,” Elliot said. “I can’t tell you how happy I am to use my First Amendment and speak up in support of this project.”

Development skeptics also spoke to the Council Tuesday and proposed selling the sit to conservationists to create a wildlife preserve.


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