Eastvale residents take stand against proposed Wal-Mart

City documents show a proposed Walmart will use a variety of materials, including stucco, split-face block, metal, glass, and stone veneer to provide detailing.

As the possibility of a Wal-Mart moving to Eastvale becomes more and more real, a group of residents calling themselves Eastvale United have been circulating a petition in hopes of retailer from getting a foothold.

Activist Bobby Harrison said members of the group have recently conveyed their objections to the City Council and have set up a website to help collect signatures.

Harrison said figures show that the presence of Wal-Mart would result in a crime rate increase, putting Eastvale children and neighborhoods at risk of crime, endangering community security.

Harrison also said a Wal-Mart will: Reduce the value of community property; Weaken the quality of community life, and; Increase traffic and noise. The result would be a great impact on the lives of residents – and losses that cannot be undone.

The proposal would situate Wal-Mart at the intersection of Archibald Avenue and Limonite Road, near Hubbard Park. The result, according to Harrison will be endless trouble for residents including increased traffic and congestion that will spill over onto residential streets. He said it would be a bad decision to bring Wal-Mart into the emerging community in northwestern Riverside County, which is why his group is strongly opposed to the proposed supermarket.

Eastvale Planning Commissioner Feng Yanhao said that although the community has spoken up against a proposed Wal-Mart, the process is moving forward. Yanhao said that completion of the Way-Mart would contribute several hundred thousands of sales tax dollars to the city’s coffers. It would also create more than 100 jobs.

In turn the city could afford to hire more public safety personnel including fire fighters and police officers.


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