Singpoli enters into formal escrow to develop former BKK Landfill site


San Gabriel Valley based development company Singpoli BD Capital Group, LLC, is now officially in escrow to develop near the former BKK landfill a 218-acre eco-friendly outdoor recreation and multi-use project in partnership with the City of West Covina.

Singpoli will develop what is known as the “Top Deck” of the former landfill by constructing a public park with several unique amenities.  This area is near the peak of site.

Kin Hui, the CEO of Singpoli and his team of world-renowned architects and planners confirmed that the proposed development would include horse and hiking trails, zip lines, and a “Glamping Campsite” (for those wanting a different type of back-to-nature experience).  In addition, Singpoli will protect and preserve native plants and wildlife that have called this open space “home” for the past four plus decades.

Singpoli plans to construct a solar and greenhouse farm, and a futuristic virtual reality (VR) area that will be a popular attraction for families to participate together in this everchanging digital era.

Also, Hui confirmed that the proposed project will also include West Covina Police K-9 and Fire Department training facilities.

The site is proposed to be the new home to a beautiful 400+ room resort hotel with 20,000 square feet of meeting space usable by local West Covina area groups and organizations.

“Throughout our more than 30-year history, Singpoli’s guiding philosophy has remained the same: recognize opportunity amidst uncertainty and where others see problems, see an undervalued property that can be turned into something magical, ecofriendly, and a healthy part of the entire community” said Hui.

“This project will allow both Singpoli and the City of West Covina to maximize the positive opportunities that are contained at the former BKK Landfill,” Hui stated.

“Singpoli will continue to vigorously engage with community members, civic leaders, elected officials and other stakeholders during the entire development process to ensure that accurate information about the project is available in real-time regarding ongoing progress,” said Hui. 

The company plans to create an aggressive media outreach program and a website to highlight the project’s status and to utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to continue to engage the public.

Disclaimer: Singpoli has a business relationship with The Hub.


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