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Let’s take on the elephant in the room first. Yes, we know there are fewer and fewer printed newspapers, tabloids, magazines, pamphlets, and books these days, and that this endeavor — in its printed form at least — flies in the face of conventional wisdom.

That said, we know most of you are reading this explanation on the same phone you used just a few moments ago to send a Snapchat or read a Facebook post, which should tell you that we are a little more conventional than we seem.

But we also know that conventional wisdom is just that — conventional. Not that we want too unconventional or eccentric — but we do believe there is a market for a polished and professional news source in our vast, and ever-changing community. And, with that in mind we created The Hub.

The Hub is a mobile, online and print news resource for Angelenos in their 20s and 30s that will be primarily distributed in downtown LA, Pasadena and Glendale. It is sponsored in part by the Monterey Park-based World Journal, which is venturing into English language media for the first time in its storied history.

We hope that readers of the Hub will find stories that have all but disappeared from traditional local news sources. Our editor, Carolina Garcia, is well-known for her work at the Los Angeles Daily News.

In her seven years with the Daily News, Garcia led a series of award-winning projects that included a magazine-style report on California’s drought and a special section about the dying town of Hinkley in rural San Bernardino County.

Garcia also steered LANG’s unsolved homicide project which was a finalist in data reporting for the 2015 Online Journalism Awards.

Expect The Hub to include that sort of hard-hitting journalism. Also expect the Hub to delve into the lives of millennials priced out of the region’s expanding housing market and explore the rise of marijuana-themed bakeries as legalization makes its way into the mainstream.

Affiliated with the World Journal, which is the largest Chinese language daily publication in Southern California, the HUB will not only be spot to find curated locally sourced information, it will also contain premium content from the World Journal translated for an English speaking audience.

Everyday online the Hub will offer breaking news, fashion and investment advice, music and restaurant reviews, political commentary and more.

Find The Hub in print every other Thursday this summer in Downtown LA, Pasadena and Glendale. Find us online everywhere.

— Frank Girardot is the Executive Editor of the Hub.


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