Weinstein affair likely the tip of a huge iceberg


The whole Harvey Weinstein thing – if true — can only be described as disgusting and sick.  

Sure, Weinstein had a good run. With his brother Bob, Harvey was a co-founder of both Miramax and the Weinstein Company. Films he was associated with earned 300 or so Academy Award nominations. That’s no small feat.  

But behind the scenes, as Ronan Farrow writes in this week’s edition of The New Yorker, that during the course of a nearly year-long investigation he was told by 13 women that. “between the 1990s and 2015, Weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted them.” 

Where there’s smoke there may be fire. On Friday, the Los Angeles Police Department announced it would open an investigation into a local case. Officials tweeted this on the @LAPDHQ account: #LAPD Robbery Homicide Div has interviewed a potential sexual assault victim involving Harvey Weinstein in 2013. Investigation ongoing. 

Almost as bad Weinstein’s alleged behavior is the atmosphere in Hollywood that allowed him to get a pass time and time again. Farrow wrote in his piece this week that at least 16 of Weinstein’s employees witnessed or had knowledge of Weinstein making unwanted sexual advances in the workplace. 

“They and others described a pattern of professional meetings that were little more than thin pretexts for sexual advances on young actresses and models,” Farrow wrote. 

Of course he did. Get this, Weinstein had a contract with his studio that essentially allowed him to be a predator. The agreement only required that he personally pay any damages resulting from lawsuits and personally pay the company $250,000 for any incidents that went to trial.  

How does that not enable a sick mind? 

Fortunately, there’s been a backlash. And, it’s been best exemplified in the whole #metoo movement started by actress Alyssa Milano. It generated nearly 2 million tweets, which included the hashtag, along with more than 13 million posts, comments and reactions on Facebook.  

If anything, it says that Weinstein is not some isolated jerk, but the tip of one hell of an iceberg.  


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