Heat wave to end Wednesday, but not before it gets hotter


Los Angeles County had a taste of fall earlier this month, but temperatures have been on the rise this week, culminating in projected 101° degree Fahrenheit heat, 26 degrees above normal in Downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Officials have released several red flag warnings, signifying high risk of wildfires and heat-related illnesses. Hot Santa Ana winds are also blowing throughout Southern California. Those warnings will be in force until 6 p.m. Wednesday in all of Los Angeles County, with the exception of Antelope Valley.

The National Weather Service said that those winds are the top danger, and could turn already-dry conditions in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties into a tinderbox.

“This event is especially concerning because of the multiple day nature of it, which we have not seen yet this season, and such events have a history or large fires,” the organization said in a statement.

Some areas within Los Angeles County will see even higher temperatures. The San Gabriel Valley is expected to see 106° degree heat on Tuesday.

Forecasters urged residents keep strenuous activity to the early morning hours or evening, drink lots of water, wear light, loose fitting clothing, and never leave people or pets in parked cars, even with a window cracked open.

Temperatures are expected to level off on Wednesday.



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